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Bathroom metabolic dealers line under the hands of the dealer line
Release time:2016-04-19 丨 Reading times:968

Moment, China Science and Technology Hardware City Plumbing hardware sale sanitary ware products from the function, style, color, pattern and different. Special pieces of manufacturing exquisite bathroom hardware accessories, looks more like a statue art. Consumers can according to their own hobbies free to choose, and the ability to enjoy thoughtful service. Although this year the whole bathroom sales situation is not pessimistic, but hardware city many sanitary ware vendors still to pessimistic attitude, think the industry market opportunities.
Metabolism to absorb the eye of consumers
According to one dealer said, in order to win the consumer's love and expand the market share, whether manufacturers or businesses are in from time to time metabolism. Exquisite bathroom hardware accessories manufacturing more easily absorbed the attention of consumers. These sanitary ware accessories very elegant and luxurious texture, except copper chrome or nickel plating, imitation gold plating surface treatment technology, has the advantages of beautiful appearance, very delicate.
The dealer store shop.
At present, many sanitary ware distributor reflect, effect of last year, the real estate market sales of building materials, sanitary ware sales also relatively in former years year-on-year decline in the. With the further increase competition in the market, the needs of businesses through the adjustment of sales channels, broaden the market to get more market share. Full use of e-commerce platform in the online shop is a good way.
A senior e-commerce dealer to building materials network Xiaobian said he in the Alibaba, Taobao, Chinese hardware store and other sites had online shops are open. Bathroom accessories is a shop selling flagship product, because of its exquisite small, compared to the toilet, sink and other sanitary ware, packaging, logistics and transportation to more effort. And their own operations, customer groups are mainly young people 80, their convenience of online shopping is very respected. Even if the traffic is not much store time, I can also through the network of online business is done fast. The store and online shop go hand in hand, I believe the sales business will be sesame flowering steadily high.
Consumers pay attention to the energy saving of bathroom products
Energy-saving environmental protection from time to time since is invariant sanitary ware industry theme. Special under the background of energy conservation and emission reduction, consumers demand for energy-saving environmental protection products more intense. For consumers of bathroom hardware, many people is no longer the price as a priority repairing factors into consideration, such as product style, quality, environmental protection and so on have become the focus of purchase.
With the progress of people's living standard, more people begin to pay close attention to health, environmental protection and energy saving gradually become an important selling point for the industry as a whole. Many brands of bathroom accessories in addition to the pursuit of fashion changes in the design style, pay more attention to the applicability of energy saving and environmental protection products. At present, more and more domestic consumption enterprises begin to pay attention to create high quality products, in addition to strengthening its durability, often are intelligent technology, in multi use function and usage habits and aesthetic point of view, make a big fuss.

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