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"Chinese plumbing hardware industry base (Zhi Shan)" through the review
Release time:2016-04-19 丨 Reading times:855

Recently, the China National Hardware Association feldspar Portland monk rate expert group came to the town site, is the honorary title of China bathroom plumbing hardware industry base Zhi Shan awarded situation reevaluated assessment.
Expert group line in Zhi Shan Zhen Zhenwei Secretary Lin Xibo, accompanied by, successively to Asian Kitchen Acropolis, Tianjian bathroom, bathroom king, Weiqiang copper, Tianshan metal, IL Le kitchen, the standard of steel enterprises investigation, field understanding Zhi Shan Zhen bathroom plumbing hardware industry development present situation, industry chain development and plans for the future. Lin Xibo is construction site Hill Base Shoupai since reported. The effectiveness of the group of experts on the Hill site base to work in recent years made affirmed, agreed to access the mountain base through the reassessment.
Portland stone monk said, Heshan, Hill site of the two levels of government attaches great importance to bathroom plumbing hardware industry development, actively build a platform for innovation and development, focusing on the construction of the quality system, make the site landscape warm sanitary ware enterprises to strengthen brand building, improve the quality of products, transformation upgrade made long enough to develop, industry chain has been further optimized and improved. She hopes in the local government to actively guide and support, Hill site bathroom plumbing hardware industry cluster further bigger and stronger.

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