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Industry 4 times the arrival of the bathroom industry how to deal with
Release time:2016-04-19 丨 Reading times:861

2015 China has several concepts very fire, first is public entrepreneurship, innovation and peoples. The second 4.0 is the industry and the third is the "Internet". "The Internet" is enormous, "Internet" is called "Internet banking Internet banking, Internet retail", "Internet electronic commerce, and Internet manufacturing" is industrial 4.0. It will promote China's manufacturing to China to create the transition, so many people say the industry 4.0 is the revolution of the whole era of China.
What is industry 4
Internet manufacturing is the industry 4.0. industry 4 is the introduction of the concept of the United States, the United States called the industrial Internet, China is called "made in China 2025", which is consistent with the essence of the three, pointing to a core, is intelligent manufacturing.
Impact of industrial 4 on sanitary ware
(1) the influence of "industry 4" strategy on China's manufacturing industry
In manufacturing industry, now there is a product design, raw materials procurement, transportation, warehousing, order processing, wholesale business, many retail manufacturing "6 a" industry chain, over the past 30 years, China has been manufactured by ease to accumulate value, however, experts believes that China's manufacturing enterprises, we must change.
Industry 4 times the arrival of the bathroom industry how to deal with
Industry 4 times the arrival of the bathroom industry how to deal with
Because in this mode and China gets a value, the GDP, the choice of the other division of countries and regions have profit. Such as apple does not do, only do so in front of a six block can obtain 49.4% of profits, some companies in Japan and South Korea only six large when the buyers of raw materials, such as Korea and Japan's sharp screen chips, respectively, can be 34% and 13% of profits, while China only by manufacturing, is referred to as OEM, can only get less than 4% of the profits.
(2) the influence of "industry 4" strategy on sanitary ware industry
Economy entered a "new normal", home industry is also facing no small pressure on the market road in where? Prospective industry Research Institute released the < home building materials industry in China "45" market prospect and development planning analysis report > argues that in the long run, China's domestic enterprises must to go the path of industrial 4.0, build new industrial chain model to get out of trouble.
Industry under the background of 4, the bathroom industry must establish 31 of the industrial chain
Previous 4% of the profit count is no surprised to have no insurance, now and then to 4% of the profit is not easy. With the gradual disappearance of the demographic dividend, China's manufacturing cost is significantly higher, especially labor-intensive furniture industry, is thus face a dilemma. Enterprises should make a transition product design, raw materials procurement, storage and transportation difficult. Therefore, short-term strategy for domestic enterprises is to order processing, wholesale, retail link caught his hand, in the original advantage of manufacturing industry development "3 one" strategy.
Industry 4 background, the bathroom industry should build industrial 4 model
Prospective, build "3 one" strategy just short-term ways, future home business to go further. Industry 4.0 is the German government proposed a high-tech strategic plan in the industrial transformation and 4.0. The plan aims to raise the intelligent level of industry of manufacturing, the technology basis is network entity transitivity system network.2014 years in 11 months Premier Li Keqiang during a visit to Germany, German sides: the < Sino German cooperation platform for action: innovation > plastic, announced that the two countries will conduct industrial cooperation 4.0. Referring to the German industrial 4.0 program, is "made in China 2025 established strategy.
Traditional industrial processes and consumer goods from the factory to consumer hand to through the machine, workers, raw materials, transportation, sales and other links, an average of 21 days, and in the era of industrial 4.0, factories, machines, materials, sales have its own intelligent operation system, six small can into the hands of consumers, and the cost will be lower.

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