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Water saving sanitary ware is better?
Release time:2016-04-19 丨 Reading times:811

March 22nd of each year as "World Water Day", to remind the public awareness of water conservation. In fact, whether it is from the angle of view or the economic environment point of view, now more and more consumers concern water saving function of sanitary ware, began to tend to use water-saving bathroom products, but the market is advertised their water-saving features prominently in the bathroom products, really the reliable? Not pseudo water-saving water-saving insiders said that due to the difference of production technology and the design of water-saving technology, some businesses advertised so-called water-saving sanitary ware, with the toilet flush valve as an example, if the structure is not reasonable, flushing speed and pressure are unable to meet the requirements of normal use, then use for a long time still need repeated washing, the actual water consumption is huge. For example, now 3.5 liters, 4.5 liters, 6 liters of super water-saving products, if one does not need to net, second A flush, count down to 7 liters, 9 liters, 12 liters, not only water, but became water fee "major" is not simply a water-saving products. The drainage volume is not the only indicator of the fact that a displacement, the amount of water is not enough to explain what, after all the general sale of products is not with the test data, and there is cleaned, the water really rushed to the cross is also a problem to be considered in the tube, so I want to buy water-saving sanitary ware, not only the displacement of digital, ceramic glaze, water capacity, water control and so on important parameters can be ignored the product is not the more the better. If the water-saving water-saving concept to the extreme, it is difficult to avoid will make the bathroom cleaning and comfortable function weakening, visible sanitary products and not the water-saving sanitary products are better. The whole body is a multifunctional Activities, its convenience of use, thorough cleaning, the appearance of beauty is a good sanitary products indispensable, not the more the better water-saving bathroom, must take into account the overall performance.

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