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The new technology development and innovation of the future concept of bathroom hardware
Release time:2016-04-11 丨 Reading times:584

Bathroom hardware with the development of sanitary products continue to develop, building sanitary ceramics product performance is more and more humane, especially in the economic development of China, health ceramics is a sunrise industry.
First, the formation of large companies with health ceramics heat
In recent years, the sanitary ceramics industry in the development of the Asia Pacific region very fast, almost step by step in Europe. To cope with the increasingly fierce market competition situation, the sanitary ware manufacturers in Europe to further intensify the implementation of enterprise merger, combination, adopt large-scale enterprises, international joint ventures. In recent years, Holland porcelain company Corelle the company has achieved a joint Creek with Sweden and Gauss. Italy's Sonny company merged Potts company, Swiss Houdin Law Finn sanitary ware company bought part of the equity company. Many famous Germany Duravit European ceramics company to their respective strengths to form a joint fleet, for the international sanitary market, to defend their dominance. It is easy to to strengthen the complementary advantages of the sanitary ware enterprise, common access to trade information with the advantages of high-tech products, reduce management costs And the cost of the product, eliminate inefficient enterprises. The several major sanitary ceramics manufacturers of merger and reorganization. The purpose is to set up several of the world's most advanced, most competitive strength in the international giant enterprises, to strengthen and improve sanitary ceramics in Europe in the international market competition force.
Two, to strengthen the development and innovation of new technology
Although the production of sanitary ceramics in Europe has been automated and computerized management, but its technological progress is endless, very focus on continuous development of new technologies, new processes, to promote the development and innovation of high technology content of new products.
1, processing of raw materials: German Dora cviazi company developed successful oversized vibration grinding equipment. The vibration mill with horizontal grinding chamber can reduce the large quantities of abrasive processing costs, can make the processing of blank, glazes, pigments in continuous process production reduction with narrow particle size distribution and reduce the mechanical energy consumption, the raw material grinding time from the past few hours shortened to only a few minutes. In addition, sanitary ceramics factory in Europe has become popular use of open ball mill, high-strength magnetic in addition to iron and vibration drum screening equipment. This type of new equipment put into use, greatly improving the production efficiency, sanitary ceramic products, physical quality and performance of products is improved.

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